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What is the most effective Scav Case option based on the rewards loot tables and what are the rewards that is worth the cost? In this guide on the exclusive hideout module , I'll explain the various benefits you can earn and the appropriate time to utilize every Scav Case during your Escape From Tarkov account's progression.

Scav Case Scav Case is a particularly effective tool because all items obtained by this method obtaining the discovered within raid (FiR) status, which means they can be used to complete specific Tarkov adventures and are also available for sale on the flea market , where most of your earnings comes from this hidden-out module.

Scav Case Scav Case is one of the few available upgrades to hideouts in Tarkov and is a substantial investment in order to build, which requires many gold-plated things like Rolers and skull rings and neck chains which often result in an investment of several million Roubles. However, despite the expense involved, it's generally worthwhile and can be run every day once it's built, to gradually recover your investment and make a profit in the long term. Since the advent of this Scav Karma system, you will be able to reduce the time needed to deliver items back to you.

tarkov scav case

This, when paired with the overall financial gain suggests this suggests that this option Scav Case is definitely worth but the efficacy of each one differs and will be discussed in the following article, which includes an overview of the top Scav Case option. One important point to note about this conclusion is that it will require several case runs to get this investment payback. If this isn't something you plan to undertake because of a lack of time Tarkov or you don't feel confident that to continue funding the initial cost of every attempt. I would suggest taking your Roubles and not committing to this module upgrade since it's not a requirement for other modules currently.

Each of the options comes with its own loot tables, time to turn and the initial investment, each of these factors must be taken into consideration when deciding on the most appropriate Scav Case to run. I'll also provide the most community-based testing and information points is possible for each option to provide you with an idea of what your goals should be, along with my personal screen shots.


The most effective of your choices can be one called the Fierce Hatchling Moonshine which players can buy at the flea markets or create their own if they own an Booze Generator hidden-out modules. While the cost of moonshine may be an obstacle to players, who are looking to purchase it, the Moonshine Scav Case loot pool is varied and contains several high-value items , and specifically streamer items to complete The Collector's quest.

Geekseh has a stunning 100-run run summary that highlights the wide range of products that you can expect from attachments for weapons, armours, medical items, barter and weapons.

Vox_E as well as Pestily have also provide similar summaries, including an table of Moonshine Scav Case loot table created by Pestily to aid in his 100 run analysis. With all the data points it's evident that Moonshine is particularly effective for those who are trying to get the Kappa Secure Container helping them find rare streaming items. Beyond this , however, the viability of this choice is questionable, however the quick rate of return is a good overnight option to test your chances.

tarkov scav case
tarkov scav case


Many players look into their options in the Moonshine vs Intelligence debate in Tarkov and the best answer for the best choice between both is dependent on what you are looking to accomplish. The Intelligence option is focused on rewarding players who have Tarkov keys that could become worth millions Rubles for certain keys that will hold their value through the entire wipe. This Folder With Intelligence can also be very profitable at the beginning of the game when the number of keys with value is considerably higher because players are building up their quest keys and needs. Pestily goes into detail in the following article, along with another amazing spreadsheet of information from his network.

The true potential for profit from this method comes from those who regularly use reserve as the Tarkov map of choice for loot run and utilize an Documents Case inside their safe container to store every Folder With Intelligence they find. Although these could be worth several hundred thousands of Roubles in their own right, the capability to utilize them within their Scav Case when you die is a highly effective way to transform your unlucky death into a profit or at a minimum cost reimbursement for the equipment that you threw into the raid and then lost.

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