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Escape From Tarkov Hack (7 Days


What kind of game is Escape from Tarkov?


Has anyone heard of Escape from Tarkov, which was developed by the Russian game studio Battlestate Games and started its closed beta process as of August 2016? There certainly is, because the game has never been in the limelight until now, it has always existed as a game of a certain audience. As a member of this audience, I started playing the game at the beginning of 2017, but retired towards the beginning of 2018. The golden age of the game has just begun and although it is in open beta, Escape from Tarkov has become Twitch's most popular game . So what is this Escape from Tarkov? Why did I question your courage in the title? Here are the answers to these and similar questions...


Escape from Tarkov is an FPS game where players face off against each other and artificial intelligence-controlled characters (Scav) on different maps. The common goal of everyone is to "loot" as much as possible within a certain period of time and reach the exit points on the map without being killed, which is called "raid". (There are also tasks such as finding a certain item or eliminating a certain target.) There are many weapons, equipment and items in the main inventory (Stash) of everyone who owns the game. As PMC, we take what we want with us when entering a raid. (It is also possible to enter the raid in the role of Scav at certain time intervals.) The most key detail of the game is that we lose everything on us when we die. That's why Escape from Tarkov is the most tense FPS game on the market.


How does the inventory system work?


Each player in the game has a certain inventory of capacity. (This capacity changes in different versions of the game.) In addition to the first equipment that comes to mind such as weapons, magazines, bullets, helmets, armor, bombs, bags, health materials such as bandages, painkillers, morphine and various foods are included in the inventory. All of these things directly affect the gameplay, so they take up most of the inventory. On the other hand, there are hard disks, pocket watches and many other items requested for missions in the game. he most challenging issue for the players is to fit all these into the same inventory , and at this point, it is necessary to seriously think about inventory management. (Let me note that it is possible to increase the inventory by improving the Stash section in the Hideout.)


Weapon, equipment and armor preferences


It is important to review the main character's weapon, equipment and armor choices before each raid. It is important to carry an extra magazine, and even an extra bullet suitable for the magazine, depending on the weapon you will take with you . It is necessary to have health equipment such as bandages, sling bandages, health packs, painkillers and morphine for treatment against injuries during the raid. Food and drinks should be carried to support energy for raids that are likely to take a long time. So how do we carry all this? If available, vests and bags with different capacities work. It is a more logical choice to find them during the raid instead of risking them in the early stages of the game, but at least bandages, first aid kit and painkillers should be kept ready from the health materials.


In-game trading system


I have often repeated that there are countless weapons, equipment and items in the game. Is it possible to sell them or buy new ones? Of course. Ultimately, after making bad choices over and over, you may not have any weapons in your inventory. In this case, you have to go to the merchants (Trader) in the game and buy the things you need from them. For this, we use the money given to each player at the beginning of the game. ( During raids, we can find money such as Rubles, Dollars and Euros.) On the other hand, it is possible to earn money by selling unnecessary items or items found during raids to the same vendors. The Auction House, which is opened after raising the character level to the fifth level, hosts trade between players, so that what is needed can be found much more easily. Considering the demands of other players, a significant amount of income can be obtained from this section.


Shelter and its benefits


Thanks to the hideout, which is one of the most interesting details of the game, we can gain various advantages and even produce items. At first, almost all of the closed departments include the medical station (Medstation), heater (Heating), water collector, shooting range (Shooting range) and many more options. Building these and developing the shelter requires both money and materials, which is well worth it. For example, at the first level of the heater, the health regeneration rate increases, the health kit and first aid kit can be produced at the first level of the health station, thanks to the library, experience point gain and skill level jump speed increase. It is even possible to place a decorative Christmas tree in the shelter, but first you have to find or buy the decorations.


How to play Escape from Tarkov better ?


In fact, a separate, long and detailed guide could be written for this title because there are too many variables in the game. In this paragraph, I would like to guide beginners by giving simpler suggestions. First of all, I would say enter the "offline raid" a lot to learn the combat and health mechanics of the game, as well as the detailed control system. You can open these raids in the settings you want, you can only try to survive against Scavs and you don't lose anything even if you die. Moreover, this is an important opportunity to learn about maps and exit points.


(You can find detailed drawings of the maps on the internet.) Sounding is very important in Escape from Tarkov .and for this reason, you should definitely play the game with headphones, even with a good headset. Footsteps, interaction with equipment, and gunfire will guide you through raids in abundance. Considering the size and difficulty level of the maps, my primary recommendations would be Factory for close range combat and Customs for open field experience. When you spend a long time on these maps and solve the general structure, you can switch to other maps. 

EFT Cheats
EFT Cheats
EFT Cheats

Escape From Tarkov Hacks

EFT Hack

Escape From Tarkov Hack - EFT Hack

Our Esacpe From Tarkov cheats is Internally injected and its undetectable. It comes with a built-in hwid spoofer, so you don't need to buy an external hwid spoofer. Using our EFT cheats, you can loot quickly and rise in the rankings, you will have a professional KDA percentage thanks to the perfect aimbot support. Our tarkov cheat basically consists of Aimbot, Esp, Item esp, Radar Hack and hwid spoofer. I have explained these cheat features in more detail for you below. EFT Cheats

What Is EFT Aimbot Hack And How Does It Work?

Escape From Tarkov Aimbot Cheat is a cheat function that allows you to automatically aim at your enemies. It's a basic eft cheat feature that allows the aim to land on your opponent quickly, allowing you to kill your enemies before they can target you. It has several sub-title features, these are aimbot key, aimbot fov, aimbot bone selection etc. There are two options when using aimbot, rage and legit settings. The Rage option allows you to kill your opponent with a superhuman reflex. If you play in Legit settings, your opponents and teammates will not suspect that you are cheating, it will provide the best aimbot speed as possible, but it will not work in superhuman performance. The Slient Aimbot cheat is a completely different version of aimbot because such aimbots do not need the aim to be above the enemies , your bullets calculate walls, turning into a magic bullet that follows your enemies. It can be said that it is very pleasant to use, but it is a completely rage feature.

List of all features of EFT Aimbot Hack:

  1. Enable Aimbot

  2. Slient Aimbot

  3. Rage - Legit Aimbot (Adjustable)

  4. FOV Settings (Adjustable)

  5. Aimbot Keybind (Adjustable)

  6. Bone Selections

  7. No Recoil

  8. No Sway

What Is EFT ESP Hack And How Does It Work?

ESP Hack formerly Wall Hack is a feature based on seeing your enemies behind the wall but ESP Hacks has a feature that provides many different advantages as well as showing your enemies behind the walls. For example, Its provides more information about your enemies location such as Health, Armor, Distance, Name, Line, 3D Box, 2D Box etc. ESP Cheat is also important for loot, you can see the location of all the items on the map this feature can be customized and filtered By customizing it, you can see only valuable items. There are approximately 10 features as the subtitle of the ESP feature in a premium EFT Cheats.

List of all features of EFT ESP Hack:

  1. 3D Box ESP

  2. Name ESP

  3. Head Point ESP

  4. Distance ESP

  5. HP ESP

  6. Weapon ESP

  7. Rifle ESP

  8. Sniper ESP

  9. Prices Filters (Adjustable)

  10. Loot Price Settings (Adjustable)

  11. Weapons ESP (adjustable)

EFT Radar Hack 

It actually has a simple working logic, but it is a very effective feature, it is basically a simple but useful feature that allows even the opponents in the farthest corner of the map to be visible on the radar. You can also deduct this feature as a sub-feature of the ESP cheat. the working logic is to support it.

Protection With In-Build EFT HWID Spoofer (BattlEye Hwid Spoofer)

HWID Ban is actually a hardware ban, so it is also referred to as a Hardware ID Ban in various sources. The word hardware means hardware in Turkish. The hardware of the computer consists of parts such as processor, ram, motherboard, video card (gpu), hard disk. All this hardware has an ID, this ID is called ID. These identification numbers are non-changeable values ​​of hardware and consist of number & letter combinations. Each piece of hardware in your computer has its own unique identification number. You can also think of these identification numbers as serial numbers. If you are caught cheating in multiplayer games such as Fortnite and PUBG, you will be banned by the server moderators and you will not be allowed to play the game on that device for a while. Even if you change your IP address, you cannot connect to the game because the actual banned device is your computer and your computer has been banned over the ID values ​​of the hardware. That's why this ban is called HWID ban.

How To Remove HWID Ban?


There are three different solutions you can do in practice to remove the HWID ban. The first is the hardware replacement solution that you may not want to implement. In other words, buying a new motherboard means buying a new processor or even a video card if even a motherboard replacement is not enough, and of course it is not a viable solution at all. The second solution is to use a Spoofer. If you say what a spoofer is, the software that helps to change the serial identification numbers of the hardware is called spoofer.


Spoofer software, in fact, do not permanently change the ID numbers of the hardware, they just tell other software (games are also software) that the ID numbers of the hardware are different during the time they are installed. This process is called spoofing. The third and most applicable solution is to set up a virtual machine. Since the HWID values ​​on the virtual machines are different, the HWID bans imposed by most games are not blocked. As a final warning, game servers that implement HWID bans also check users' IP addresses. In other words, even if you manage to change your HWID values, if you use a static IP at home, the games will still ban you because this means that you are caught over your IP address. You can also bypass this obstacle by using VPN services or by stopping the static IP service. Thanks to the built-in eft hwid spoofer we offer you, you can get rid of your EFT bans.

EFT Radar Hack


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  • In-Build Hwid Spoofer.

  • Detailed Item, Loot, Enemy ESP

  • Auto Delivery.

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